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    Ruifuxiang predecessor company of the county Hongxing Machinery Plant, since the factories, after 20 years of hard work, has become a renowned national woodworking machinery manufacturing company.
For a long time, our company has always adhered to the customer service center, honesty, compliance and quality in order to survive, rely on scientific and technological development and to the effectiveness of management and continuous improvement of product quality and level of service quality policy attaches great importance to product quality and technical innovation, the establishment of a strict quality assurance system , the implementation of quality processes vote by the Hebei quality products; Chinese National Association of Industry Quality Inspection Quality Model enterprise; the provincial, municipal, industrial and commercial delegation from the "heavy contract to keep trust units," the best-selling products, favored by the users, in 2003, the quality of export products permit for the future, the best-selling international and domestic products. At the same industries in order to perfect the quality of products, high-profile "Ruifuxiang" brand, won the praise of users, substantial sales growth year after year. After nearly 20 years of development, the company has reached the scale of 9600m2 footprint, construction area of 5000 m2, with 230 workers, a senior engineer, two engineers, an accountant, an Assistant Engineer in five, 12 technical staff. The total assets of over 1,500 million. Its leading products band sawing machine, the domestic industry was ranked first.
    Corporate brand image. China's accession to the WTO, the market economic rules quickly sound. I have been stepped up in technical improvements, while on "Ruifuxiang" brand implementation of the brand strategy, "do fine machinery, a international brand name" for the purpose of "customer supremacy, integrity-based, continued innovation, quality win" approach for the operators, as users focus using technology and build sincere "Ruifuxiang" brand. External increase corporate image propaganda to strengthen the internal quality control, "Ruifuxiang" products as customers preferred. Continue to intensify the domestic impact, has been out of the country, the export volume Russia, Mongolia, South Africa, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries in the international community, showing off the "Ruifuxiang" product presence.

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